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Last one for my friend's Saraswati Party, big up singers and players by Jahfirm.

DJ Mix by Jahfirm on KSKQ, using vinyl records, turntablism, and magical rainbow ponies. BIg Up all Freedom Fighters & Peaceful Warriors.

Set #2 from my friend's Saraswati party, 105 bpm. Jahfirm DJ mix, beatmatched, no talking, spread the love. One world, one destiny.

Downtempo vinyl mix straight from the crate. No track list, 'cuz I just grabbed a bunch of records late one night and got wild. Pretty decent mixing, but even better tracks, reminds me of Om Lounge or Ibiza Chill. Check www.jahfirm.com for high-fi $5 DJ mixes.

Jahfirm- Check my website for mixes, and email for track list. peace to all activists MUQABLA.MP3 4:23 MUQABLA 5 10/5/08 6:39 AM Tera Bina [Desi Outlawz] 3:54 Sukshinder Shinda [Desi Outlawz] Living The Dream [Desi Outlawz] Bhangra 1 10/4/08 1:53 AM Mehar Kareen Mere Utte -.mp3 5:07 Mehar Kareen Mere Utte Blues 4 10/5/08 6:27 AM Punjabiyan Di Shan [Mitti Wajaan Maardi] (By.JyoT) [ dchub://xclusivebhangra.net ] 5:08 [Xb] Harbhajan Mann Mitti Wajaan Maardi Punjabi 4 10/5/08 6:44 AM IKKO TERA LAKH.MP3 5:36 IKKO TERA LAKH 4 10/5/08 6:22 AM Whiskey Di Botal Vargi.mp3 5:32 Whiskey Di Botal Vargi Blues 1 10/4/08 1:59 AM ROOP 4:37 SOHNE 1 10/4/08 1:45 AM Hai Sohniya [Mitti Wajaan Maardi] (By.JyoT) [ dchub://xclusivebhangra.net ] 5:23 [Xb] Harbhajan Mann Mitti Wajaan Maardi Punjabi 4 10/5/08 6:16 AM Adhi Holi Mar.mp3 3:54 Adhi Holi Mar Blues 4 10/5/08 5:57 AM Pyar Pehli Vaari -.mp3 6:18 Pyar Pehli Vaari Blues 4 10/5/08 6:54 AM Gadiyan.mp3 3:59 Gadiyan Blues 4 10/5/08 6:11 AM MUNDIYAN DI TERE.MP3 4:03 MUNDIYAN DI TERE 4 10/5/08 6:34 AM DAARDI.MP3 3:30 DAARDI 4 10/5/08 5:53 AM Shisha feat Kam Hayre.mp3 4:31 Shisha feat Kam Hayre Blues 2 10/4/08 1:40 AM AADAWAN 4:32 TEERIYAN 1 10/4/08 1:49 AM MITRAN DI JAAN.MP3 3:25 MITRAN DI JAAN 4 10/5/08 6:30 AM Dholna (By.JyoT) [ dchub://XclusiveBhangra.Net ] 6:18 [Xb] Daler Mehndi [Xb] Raula Pai Gaya 4 10/5/08 6:07 AM Punjabiyan Di Shan (Remix) [Mitti Wajaan Maardi] (By.JyoT) [ dchub://xclusivebhangra.net ] 4:04 [Xb] Harbhajan Mann Mitti Wajaan Maardi Punjabi 4 10/5/08 6:48 AM Shikari 3:43 Akh Blues 4 10/5/08 6:00 AM Whiskey Di Botal Vargi [Remix 5:10 Whiskey Di Botal Vargi [Remix Blues 1 10/4/08 2:04 AM

Earth Day every day, and this DJ mix will make you wanna get up stand up for the rights of all your relations in creation. From the very popular, to the obscure danceable, to the serious Northwest protest music, you'll be inspired to conspire. Give thanks to all conscious artists. www.jahfirm.com jahfirm@yahoo.com

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An hour long auditory trip through the military industrial complex and its struggle with direct action by peaceful nonviolent protestors. Goes along with the DVD experience called "G Dub Ya" created by a team of professionals during the 2004 elections. Now that election season returns, G Dub Ya is being redistributed via digital means beyond the Southern Oregon minds it opened. Support your local civil rights groups, and find something to struggle for. We are in a time of great constitutional crisis and your freedom is at stake. Do not let the government take away what thousands have died for, your freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion (or lack thereof). Big up all freeom fighters, and peaceful warriors, check www.jahfirm.com for more ideas, event collaboration, or to buy some $5 DJ Mix Cover Art. Peace and Blessings

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free music at www.jahfirm.com A round the world dub and downtempo vinyl trip through remixed holiday songs. Persian santurs mixed with hip hop beats, and hasidic chants meet turntablism. If you like your holiday music unique, familiar, and multicultural, you'll be singing along. Peace Familiar enough to sing along, yet unique enough to be unlike any holiday CD you have every heard. Studio remixes of holiday classics from every culture and religion from Jewish, Muslim and Christian, to Celtic and African. Winter songs of peace for the holiday season that will have your party bumpin'. If DJ Shadow or Thievery Corporation did a holiday CD, this would be it. Jahfirm Sound System uses the latest analog and digital instruments to recreate sounds of yesteryear combined with post-modern downtempo beats. Prepare for an audio world trip through the Winter Solstice. Check my website for straight dj mixes, and event collaboration www.jahfirm.com. Peace and Blessings

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